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Current WIPs

Current pics of all my WIPs can always be found here.

~Nativity byTW, started Spring 2003
~Polar Lights Sampler
by Chatelaine, started 1/24/06
~The Witch's Pantry by Lisa Cowell, started 2/06
~Titania by Mirabilia, started 1/11/07
~QS Pegasus and Castle Bubble
by Josephine Wall/HAED, started 1/12/07
~Dragon Moon by Lisa Victoria/HAED, started 2/12/08
~Skeleton Crew by The Cross Eyed Cricket Inc, started 9/3/08
~Fish City
by Stoney Creek, started 3/22/09
~Garden of WIshes by Molly Harrison/HAED, started 5/11
~Watergarden by Chatelaine, started 9/14/11

2011 Stitching Goals

-Stitch and frame L&L's Celtic Autumn for my grandmother
-Kill at least 2 WIP's in my pile
-Start HAED Dragon Master and complete at least 1 full page
-Complete another full page of Dragon Moon
-Use a new finishing technique on ornaments
-Frame Santa's Magic


2011 Finishes

9/14 Flamingo by RK Portfolio
8/20 Celtic Autumn by L&L
7/24 In a Stable by Shepherd's Bush
7/23 Wisemen Came by Shepherd's Bush
4/23 Hydrangea pillow by Donna Giampa
4/21 giveaway prize #2
4/21 giveaway prize #1

Other Flamingos On The Lawn

RxLady 's lawn is getting crowded but there's room for at least 138 more


Flamingo 9/14/11

My latest HD, Flamingo by RK Portfolio. Stitched on Crossed Wing linen, only took me 4 years to finish it!